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Welcome to DynUp DNS Services! We provide FREE dynamic domain name service for users with dynamic IP addresses to point a static hostname to your computer.

What is dynamic DNS? When you connect to the internet, your ISP assigns you one of two types of machine readable address (warning! oversimplification ahead!): static or dynamic. A static address never changes. A dynamic address changes every time you dial into the ISP and get on the net. So you may (and probably will) have one address right now and another address next time you dial in! No big deal if you're just surfing the net, but what if you want to run a server at home? How will the name servers all over Internet know that no longer points to your system but does?

Obviously the name servers need to be told that it changed and this is where ddns (short for "dynamic domain name service") comes in. It automates the process of advising the name servers that your IP has changed and ensuring that http://yourserver.dynup.net always points to your machine so you may access your web/vpn/ftp server.

Please check the news page for any outages, or other news worthy events.

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